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    Open Business®

    Challenge your potential.

    Accelerate your growth.

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Unleash your potential

We co-construct, with all your stakeholders, impacting differentiation strategies that are effectively deployed to generate mobilization, results and pride.

How? By putting the customer at the heart of our ideas. By aligning marketing, communication and sales assets. By unleashing creativity.

Stand out

Reason for being Positioning
Marketing offers
USP products
Customer Knowledge
Employer Branding
Creative territory


Creative territory
Multi-channel campaigns
Message platforms
Customer experience Innovation services
Content strategies and


Execution and production
Multi-channel kits
Content production
Launch of international and local campaigns

No difference, no growth

Increased competition, new entrants, and digitisation. To defend their positions or attack new ones, BtoB players all want to become "references" on their market.
A battle of "preference" that is won in the field of difference. Companies must affirm, nurture and deploy it at each stage of the decision-making experience.
This is why we challenge our clients’ reasons for existence, their offers, their messages, and their contact points, to unify these assets and create a clear, impactful and bankable result.
= Connection
= Conviction

Let our experts accompany you