• Personalised client experience
    We are in an era of hyper-personalization. This is also a reality in BtoB.
    The BtoB brands that will make the difference will be those capable of building personalized customer experiences, regardless of the channels or stages of the decision-making process.
    We help our customers rethink their experience, by identifying the expectations of each target group, reformulating offers to meet these expectations and deploying personalized messages at each strategic contact point.
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Key Figures

BtoB decision-makers refuse to take part in negotiations if communication is not organised in a personalized way.
BtoB prospects want to receive personalized recommendations at each contact point (website, e-mail, sales force...) - Forrester

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Client Knowledge

Construct fictive personae that represent customers and their various needs, professional and personal challenges, their expectations - To personalize the whole process: offers, messages....

Message Platforms

Created to suit each strategic target: their issues, the right value proposition, and the evidence. For a coherent, efficient and effective multi-channel deployment.

Customer Journey

Sales/marketing/com alignment key, to identify expectations, frictions, strategic channels to exploit all opportunities – Messages, offers, services...

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