• Attract new BtoB buyers
    The BtoB purchasing cycle is a marathon where buyers complete 54% of their decision-making process in total autonomy.
    3 to 5 key months to clearly define their needs, to take a stand in the face of increasingly complex offers and to digest an ever-increasing amount of information.
    Only companies capable of fostering a relationship during this strategic phase will be chosen.
    Once their needs are defined, we help our clients position themselves among these buyers, and their communities of influencers, by defining a value proposition that will make a difference. By identifying the right contact points. By producing content that will engage their targets, encouraging them to buy while building their loyalty.
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Key Figures

of BtoB buyers are afraid of the risks associated with adopting a new solution.
(Source : CEB / GOOGLE)
of BtoB decision-makers have contacted a business after hearing about Thought Leadership.
(Source : CEB / GOOGLE)

3 decisive

Business Value Proposal

Redesign the way the offer is marketed.
Address the right value proposition to capture your targets attention and formulate your offers so that they are focused on their needs.

Buyers Journey

Identify expectations, the decision-making process, strategic channels to exploit all opportunities and emerge - Messages, offers, services...

Thought Leadership

To make you emerge and position yourself as an opinion leader, where your competitors are not. With a creative and relevant content strategy, that engages your targets.

Our projects

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